Horseback Riding Lessons

After a lesson with HPH.

What age can my child start lessons?

HPH offers riding lessons to ages four and older. 

When are lessons held?

Riding lessons are currently offered from 2-7pm on weekdays, and 1-7pm on weekends. Lessons are available year round, rain or shine. 

What do I need for lessons?

HPH requires all riders to have appropriate shoes while in the barn and working with the horses. Cowboy boots, paddock boots, or tall boots are all acceptable. Full length pants are also required while riding. All riders under the age of 18 are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet while mounted, and adults are encouraged to wear an approved helmet as well.  Lessons horses are provided at no additional fee to those without horses. 

Are private or group lessons offered?

HPH offers both private and group horseback riding lessons. Private lessons are great for beginner riders to gain confidence and control or to work on specific goals. Riders are generally started in private lessons and progress on to the group lessons.

How long are the riding lessons?

Half hour and hour riding lessons are offered. Riders aged 4-6 years start in half hour lessons and progress to hour lessons. Riders are asked to arrive at the barn approximately 15 minutes before their ride time to groom and tack the horse. Riders will also help to untack, groom, and clean the barn after their rides. 

What disciplines are covered in lessons?

HPH believes that all disciplines teach valuable lessons to their riders. Western and Huntseat is offered. Showmanship, trail obstacles, and patterns are also topics that will be covered in lessons.

Riding Lesson Fees

group lessons of 3 or more riders will run an additional 10-15 minutes.

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